Smooth movement is not always a given. Physical complaints such as stiffness and back pain can make you less able to perform your daily activities. Improper use of the body and recovery after an accident or surgery can also make daily functioning difficult. In such cases, support from a physiotherapist can be of great help.

The physiotherapist is an expert in the field of posture and movement of the body. Every body is different and every situation is different. The care of a physiotherapist is therefore specifically aimed at your personal situation and desired goals. Practical advice may be just what you need, but treatment is also a good idea in some cases.

What can a physiotherapist help with?

  • Find out the causes of your physical complaints
  • Provide posture and movement tips in your daily activities
  • Discuss your wishes and try to realize them together with you
  • Prevent new pain complaints
  • Guidance in chronic conditions
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or accident
  • Get you in shape before surgery
  • Refer to a specialist physiotherapist if necessary.

The intake
The physiotherapist will come to your home to analyze your complaint(s). The therapist will ask you several questions:

  • What exactly is the source of your pain or discomfort
  • When these complaints arose
  • Which movements or postures reduce or worsen the complaints

Finally, a physical examination follows, in which the physiotherapist examines how you move and how you respond to different movements. As a result, a treatment plan is drawn up. The physiotherapist will discuss with you how you can be helped and which materials may be needed for this.

Call in a specialist
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