Oncology nurse

Being told that you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic event. It can raise fear and questions in you and make you enter a vulnerable period of illness and recovery. The oncology nurse will help you get back on track at home and guide you through this difficult period.

How can the oncology nurse help you?

  • Provide information and guidance in your specific situation, such as discussing chemotherapy side effects or how to minimize their side effects
  • Helping you and your loved ones with (practical) solutions at home
  • Fighting fatigue and pain
  • Administer medication and nutrition
  • Teach you how to stay in shape as best as possible
  • Learn you to deal with the help of your environment
  • Discuss the options for contact with fellow sufferers
  • Involve your loved ones in the process as you wish
  • Prevent your carer from becoming overloaded
  • Help you with psycho-social problems and questions of meaning when recovery is no longer possible
  • Working together with your GP, the hospital and the district nurse to make the care as optimal and appropriate as possible.

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