Occupational therapist

You may experience difficulties in performing daily activities at home, such as washing, dressing, eating and walking. You can become very insecure for fear of worsening your physical complaints or of incidents occurring. The occupational therapist will be happy to look for a suitable solution with you, so that you can continue to perform meaningful activities for as long as possible.

Occupational therapists focus on what you can still do. After getting acquainted, the occupational therapist will examine your possibilities, limitations and needs. We look at the possibilities of training certain skills and which supporting resources can be used to continue living your life as actively and safely as possible. A treatment plan will be drawn up together with you.

How can an occupational therapist help you?

  • Provide information and instructions to you and any caregiver(s)
  • Teach you to perform a specific activity such as cooking, sitting or dressing in a more convenient way
  • Learn to deal with physical and psychological limitations;
  • Adjust activities or environment to better support you
  • Use resources and advise on them

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