Family and Autism Specialist

The family is the cornerstone of society, from which we hope to prepare strong individuals. As a parent/educator, however, you may not feel empowered enough to accomplish this on your own for several reasons. Challenging circumstances, such as raising children in a family with a traumatic past, learning how to deal with autism in parenting and other complex family problems can put parents to the test. In such cases, it is a relief to know that you are not alone. A family coach can provide direct insights, guidance and relief as a starting point for effective self-management.

What can this specialist do for you?

  • Offer Trauma Sensitive Family Counseling;
  • Provide (online) training programs for parents;
  • Be your guide in the education of children with autism;
  • Provide help in a variety of situations where some support in upbringing is simply highly desired;
  • Help gain insight into your self-concept, parenting style and personal growth.

Call in a specialist
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