Dementia nurse

The brains of people with dementia are less able to process information. This can have complex and far-reaching consequences for everyday life. The dementia nurse offers these people and their families support, guidance and treatment. The request for help from the client and carer is central to this.

A person with dementia slowly loses control over their own life. Often other threatening health problems are also involved, which means that visits to the doctor, use of medicines, home care, day care, meal provision, hospitalizations and other care facilities are increasingly necessary. In addition, the need for help can be very great not only for the client, but also for any informal carers and the social environment. Family members will have to learn to deal with the person with dementia and learn to give it a place.

How can a dementia nurse help?

  • Provide treatment and support as a permanent professional
  • Discuss needs and answer questions.
  • Help prevent incidents in the home environment.
  • Identifying and acting appropriately in the event of co-morbidity, mood and behavioral problems
  • Preventing neglect and overload of informal caregivers
  • Coordinate with other professionals to make care as appropriate as possible

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